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Lieven Strobbe
Tonal tools for keyboard players
ISBN: 9789044131390
Number of pages: 203
Status: Published - can be ordered - can be delivered
Price: € 56,50
Publisher : Garant Uitgevers nv
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About the book:

Music education is evolving rapidly. Artistic and scientific developments have broadened our view of musicality. Does the traditional repertoire on tonal music still have any relevance in this context? Of course it does!

Recent musicological research has shed new light on the way musicians from the baroque era to the nineteenth century acquired their skills. As a result, fascinating correlations between baroque partimento practice and the lead sheet approach common in jazz and pop music have emerged.

Tonal tools is an inspirational book and app (Android, iOs) that blends old and current approaches. Nine ''components'' serve as keys for a more aural, creative and tangible approach to tonal music form the very start. Tonal tools is applicable to any tonal idiom and spans the baroque, classical, romantic, jazz and pop repertoire by means of common improvisational and compositional principles.

Don''t expect a straightforward method; interweave Tonal Tools with your usual didactics according to your own pace and needs. Expect a better integration of muscial understanding and skill from your pupils, a more reliable memory and better sight-reading ability, not to mention a broadened muscial imagination, enhanced expressiveness and a joy for playing tonal music.

As a valuable extension to keyboard teachers'' existing professional expertise, Tonal Tools opens new artistic and (auto)didactic perspectives.

CONNECT, Musica''s educational series for music schools and conservatories, builds bridges between the past and present, practice and theory, creativity and skill. It translates proven but sometimes forgotten expertise into a contemporary approach. An artistic view of muscial development is central; the series deals with current artistic and educational needs and offers original, consistent and workable solutions.

If you want to order this title from abroad (outside of Belgium/The Netherlands) please send an email to with your address-details.

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About the author(s):

Lieven Strobbe teaches the organ and creative keyboard at LUCA school of Arts in Leuven and the Flemisch Part-time Music Edcuation Academies (DKO) in Ekeren and Wilrijk.

If you want to order this title from abroad (outside of Belgium/The Netherlands) please send an email to with your address-details.