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19 & 20 september

Het Boekenpodium

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All maklu books

9789046611852:RIDP 2022.2 - Military Justice. Contemporary challenges, history and comparison
RIDP 2022.2 - Military Justice. Contemporary challenges, history and comparison
Gwenaël Guyon, Jean-Paul Laborde, Stéphande Baudens (Eds.)
ISBN: 9789046611852 /  € 70,00
Publisher: Maklu-Uitgevers nv
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About the book:
The success of military operations, the safeguarding of national interests and the discipline of the troops within the overall context of the rule of law have always presented great concerns for national armed forces. Nowadays, military justice faces several issues and criticisms. The prospect of ‘high-intensity’ warfare in Europe, battlefield robotisation, augmented soldiers, artificial intelligence and other present and potential future technological developments are new contemporary challenges for military justice and military criminal law. Also, the constant pressure for the ‘civilianisation’ of military justice systems since the 17th century, which implies bringing civilian and military justice closer together or even merging the two legal systems, is another issue to be addressed. A further challenge involves using mercenaries and auxiliaries on the battlefield, which blurs the lines and undermines the respect of the law of armed conflict as well as makes the application of the national rules of military justice difficult.
What are the legal and political foundations of military justice? How does it function? How to improve it and reform it? What does the future hold for military law and military justice? What can we learn from history?
Indeed, historical research can help us understand the different ways in which military justice systems have been constructed, have evolved and functioned, particularly in wartime, while comparative law may be useful in understanding the great variety of military justice systems around the world.
This volume brings together major contributions to the 1st International Military Justice Forum, which convened on 18 and 19 November 2021 in Paris, hosted by the Court of cassation, the French Judicial Supreme Court, and the Hotel des Invalides, a historical place for the French Military Forces.
9789046611814:Justice, Home Affairs and Security - 4th, revised edition
Justice, Home Affairs and Security - 4th, revised edition
Gert Vermeulen & Wendy De Bondt
ISBN: 9789046611814 /  € 36,00
Publisher: Maklu-Uitgevers nv
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About the book:
This book offers insight into the development of the EU in the areas of justice, home affairs and security, embedded in a broader international context. In addition to the main part, dedicated to the EU, the book features chapters on cooperation in the areas concerned at Benelux, Schengen, Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, G7/G20, OECD and UN levels.

The chapter structure is identical for all cooperation levels addressed, discussing their actual policies after sketching their historical development and institutional structure and functioning.

For students and professionals in criminology, law and political science and for everyone interested in European and international criminal policy making this book will prove relevant or insightful.