A.P. den Exter (Ed.)
International Health Law. Solidarity and justice in health care

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In the twenty-first century, complex health care problems have remained unsolved. Conflicts between public interests and individual rights, evolving public health crises in low income countries, the challenge of regulating health professionals, and the effects of globalisation on health (care systems) dominate the contemporary debates in this field. In a way, these problems expose the (regulatory) weaknesses of health systems responding to these questions. Facing these problems, health lawyers and policy makers should - more than in the past - focus on underlying normative values in health care. Core values include solidarity and justice in health care access.

This book explores the underlying normative values of health systems from a global and local perspective. Apart from examining country experiences, the authors provide an interesting and valuable contribution to the (inter)national legal and health policy debate on guaranteeing equal access to health care facilities, resisting a market or consumer-driven movement.

By explaining health systems in terms of access, solidarity and justice, International Health Law could contribute strengthening health systems, including equal access.
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André den Exter is a lecturer in health law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.