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Annemiek T. Harder, Erik J. Knorth & James P. Anglin (eds.)
International Journal of Child and Family Welfare (IJCFW) 2014 - Jrg 15 - Nr 1/2
ISBN: 9789044132267
Aantal Pagina's: 112
Status: Verschenen - bestelbaar - leverbaar
Prijs: € 26,80
Uitgever : Garant Uitgevers nv
Print-versie   Bestel Nu

Over het boek:

Inside the black box: Experiences and perspectives of young people and professionals in residential youth care

The metaphor of the black box has often been used in recent years to refer to characteristics of residential care that - although of pivotal importance - are not sufficiently transparent or known. Considering its importance for positive outcomes and the lack of research on this topic within the context of residential care, the current special issue focuses on the components that facilitate change in behaviour and well-being of youth in residential care through an explicit orientation towards the perspectives and experiences of young people and professionals. This form of study can be called voices research . The included studies present insights on the aspects of the residential youth care process that are important for the development and well-being of the youth in care and, therefore, the outcomes of care.
Topics that will be addressed include the youth-adult relationship in residential care; the adolescents perceptions of participation in secure care; the experience of pain in secure care; clients and professionals perspectives on the quality of care; the threats to the therapeutic milieu aspects of residential care; and the discovered benefits of workers in-service training according to positive parenting practice models.

Uit de inhoud:

Table of contents

Over de auteur(s):

The (guest) editors: Annemiek T. Harder, Erik J. Knorth & James P. Anglin

The authors: Erik J. Knorth, Annemiek T. Harder, James P. Anglin, Charles V. Izzo, Bridgette N. Aumand, Brian M. Cash, Lisa A. McCabe, Martha J. Holden, Moyouri Bhattacharjee, Sónia Rodrigues, Jorge F. del Valle, Maria Barbosa-Ducharne, Leon Fulcher, Aliese Moran, Mijntje D.C. ten Brummelaar, Lisanne Gerrits, Wendy J. Post, Margrite E. Kalverboer, Tamara A. Pultrum, Hans Grietens, Isabel S. Silva & Maria F. Gaspar

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