H. Vermeulen, C. Govers
The anthropology of ethnicity. Beyond 'ethnic groups and boundaries'

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We can hardly imagine social theories and political developments these days without the notion of ethnicity. Yet it is only since the sixties that ethnicity was validated as a separate and independent concept within the social sciences. Twenty-five years after the publication of Barth's 'Ethnic groups and boundaries', one of the most influential writings on the subject, this book raises the issue of what has been accomplished in the study of ethnicity since then. At the conference The anthropology of ethnicity (Amsterdam, December 1993), this was the central question, which was addressed by Fredrik Barth himself, as well as by Katherine Verdery, Anthony Cohen and Eugeen Roossens in their keynote lectures. After focussing on what is still useful in Barth's work for today's ethnic issues, the autors discuss the new directions that should be tajken , covering a wide range of subjects such as the relation between ethnicity, nationalism and the state, the study ofd collective and individual conciousness, and the genealogical dimensions of ethnic identity. Hans Vermeulen is director Scientific Programme if the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) Amsterdam. Cora Govers is currently engaged at the Netherlands University Institute for Coordination of Research in Social Sciences (SISWO).